Presentation is one of the most important keys to achieving a top sale price for your home. Great presentation showcases the space and light available and puts buyers at ease. Buyers will stay longer at your inspections if the property is presented in a pleasing way. 1.Please understand our styling and presentation recommendations do not represent any criticism of your personal style. Our recommendations are based on what will appeal to the likely buyer demographic for your property. 2.Please de-clutter as much as possible. Minimally furnished rooms with appropriate hints of colour will help showcase the space and light. Too much furniture, especially ornaments, can make a room feel very small. Please ask for our advice! 3.We recommend removing personal photos, as we want buyers to imagine themselves living in your home rather than you and your family. 4.Please consider professional styling, if we deem it necessary. Styling does not have to be expensive. Kanken Big A few colourful cushions and a bright rug can transform an otherwise dull room – and complementary colours are very important for the photos. bottes ugg australia 5.Invest in professional photography. When we talk about presentation, we’re talking not only about how your property looks in person but also how it presents in newspaper ads and online. Professional photos can make the difference between a buyer dismissing your home or putting it at the top of their list. 6.Cleanliness is very important. Buyers won’t stay in messy or dirty homes – they will leave the inspection as soon as possible. ugg men 7.If you have animals, take them away during inspections, remove food bowls and kitty litter and deodorise all rooms. Bad smells can be very off-putting to buyers. 8.Fresh flowers always look great, especially on large dining tables or the kitchen bench. Fjallraven Kanken Rucksack Flowers are an inexpensive way of adding a pop of colour to neutral rooms. 9.Your garden is a critical part of the presentation. If it needs a make-over, simply prune dead leaves and branches, remove overgrown or unattractive plants, lay some mulch and add a few green shrubs for easy, inexpensive ‘wow factor’. 10.New paint and carpet is the oldest trick in the book and there’s a reason for it! It’s a quick and easy way to transform a tired old property into a bright attractive home.

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