3 bright ideas to boom your business for 2018

Ok let’s get 2017 done and dusted and finish with a bang.  Over the Christmas break start thinking about what will make 2018 the very best year in business that you could possibly have.  Here are a few ideas to get the planning started.

  1. What are the lessons learned from 2017, and what can you implement from those that will dramatically change the next year for you.
  2. Plan ahead. Get the diary out and pre-book all of your 2018 holidays in NOW.  The year goes a lot quicker when you have your next holiday to look forward to.  It also helps to pre-plan so that you can schedule all of your events, targets, commitments around your holidays.
  3. Start off small. We have all experienced those agents out there who go to a seminar, or go to a social media expert conference, and come out all guns blazing, and hit us all between the eyes with a huge amount of ‘stuff’ that we have to filter through, or block on our social media account….. Don’t be that agent.  Decide on the 1 or 2 marketing activities you plan on doing for the quarter and execute them.  Don’t be all things to all people.

Have a great finish!

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3 bright ideas to boom your business for 2018

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