6 easy result changing ideas

1. Get the basics right: Make sure the property is clean and clutter-free. Remove any excess furniture and decorative items like photo frames and trinkets.

2. Create aspirational living: Set the scene and present the lifestyle the property offers its buyers. Introduce style and detail through cushions, throws, accessories and artwork.

3. Showcase functionality: Help buyers visualise how the space will function for them or their perspective tenant. The most common error that people make when styling their homes for sale is selecting furniture that does not fit the room properly.

4. Add perceived value: Convert unused and awkward areas into usable spaces that add extra value for buyers.

5. Manage your first impression: First impressions count, so a fresh coat of paint on the facade can be money well spent. Repair any outside damage such as broken fencing, guttering or outdoor lights and create a pathway.

6. Prepare for open homes: Be organised and prepare in advance for open houses. Ensure the property is spotless on open days, with no visible trace (or smell) of pets.

6 easy result changing ideas

6 easy result changing ideas

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