Real estate business franchise alternative

Are you looking for freedom to grow your business without the restrictions of a franchise system?

Here at STYLE we are excited about the expansion of our boutique brand, and the flexible opportunities our model offers business owners. You can run a profitable agency that will benefit from the STYLE branding and positioning in the marketplace; without the prohibitive franchise fees that cripple many businesses.

We are a family-based culture that promotes team work, training and development, as well as knowledge sharing. Our ethos is framed around delivering quality, industry-best service with uncompromising professionalism, and fostering long-term client relationships within our community.

For a flat fee per month, you can operate you own STYLE agency, with the backing of our custom-designed structure and support team that are focused on providing value to our licensed offices. Accelerate your success and establish your office as a long-term viable player in your local suburb.

Talk to us today about how you can invest in your own STYLE. No experience necessary.

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