In February 2013, received 18,914,431 total visits by people in search for property. (Source: Nielsen Online Ratings, Domestic Audience, February 2013)

…And all the experts are predicting even more people will be searching for property online in 2015.

We’d approximate that 90% of our buyer enquiry comes via the net.

To capitalise on that immense marketing machine, it’s vital to maximise your home’s online presence. Buuuut…

Because of the size of the internet, properties can easily be lost amongst the mountain of property listings going online each week.

The trick is to not only make your property stand out, but to get it found. And getting found online these days is all about appealing to Google.

The best Google food are videos. Google literally eats up video content. That means a video of your home will ensure it’s visible in search results.

There’s another BIG benefit from using video…

Of course you’re probably aware that professional images are essential, but did you know that video is now being used and embraced by buyers as it gives that emotional content that can sometimes be lacking in text and images alone.

Especially for higher-end homes, video adds an intimacy to a listing that a static page is unable to convey.

In a crowded market, a video might be just the thing to give it the X-Factor and attract more buyers than what you otherwise would have.


By Mark Lowrey

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