If you’re considering investing in property for profit, it can be easier said than done. However, if you keep the following three tips in mind, you might be able to create a great investment property portfolio. These tips aren’t just our tips as an agency but come from our own experts who have a long history of investing in property for profit.

Tip 1
It’s important to note that land appreciates in value, whilst buildings depreciate. When looking for property to invest in, ensure you consider the land from it’s location to its size. If the land has had a large impact on the value of the home, this is an important trait to note. With older homes on large blocks that are sitting in a prime location, such as being close to services and shops, this could be the perfect investment opportunity.

Tip 2
We strongly encourage you to think long term about your capital. Generally, investments that are held over a longer period of time can be safer than those held for shorter. Investing in real estate specifically gives you the opportunity to yield profit and also keep your money safe.

Tip 3
When it comes to benefits, remember that tax is only the cream, not the cake. Although there are tax deductions you can claim, this shouldn’t be the priority when building your property portfolio. Take the time to ensure you’re investing in good locations, not for tax breaks.

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