A common question that I get asked by sellers is ‘Where to spend money on the property when selling?’
So I’m going to talk about a few areas that are important and some other expenses that you should avoid.

Repairs and maintenance:

Time and money spent repairing obvious defects are rarely wasted, as buyers want a property that’s in good shape. Check for visible signs of wear, inside and outside your home. Small jobs, such as filling gaps, re-grouting bathroom tiles or repairing broken fence palings will make a big difference to the appearance of your property.


Pruning back trees and bushes, laying fresh mulch and cutting back over grown areas will have a huge impact for little expenditure. I work with gardener’s that specialise in tidying up properties for sales campaigns and the results speak for themselves.


I normally only recommend painting internally if the walls are seriously dirty or you need to neutralise strong colours. Buyers want bright, clean rooms and this expense may well pay off. For the outside, housewashing is normally sufficient to clean the place up and far cheaper than an exterior paint job.

Major renovations:

TV Shows like ‘The block’, have many people thinking that if they put in a new kitchen or bathroom, they will add value to their home, many times over the cost outlaid. In reality this is rarely the case. Before you splash out on any building work, remember they need to actually have an impact on the final sale price, so be careful when going all out on this. Also keep in mind that interested buyers may not like your choice of finishes too.

Ultimately, what you spend and where, should depend on the likely return in the current market. Anything you do, needs to result in a higher sale price, otherwise you’ve wasted your time and money.

If you have any questions about preparing your home for sale, please contact me and I’ll be happy to help advise you. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next month.

Sean Parsons – 0447 222 676

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