With a plethora of brands and products all vying for a slice of the pie, the savvy consumer is looking for an elusive quality called ‘decision simplicity’. Shoppers want to trust the brand they buy from, they want their research process to be simple and clear, and to be able to weigh up their options confidently; whether it’s for a coffee or a new abode.

Bespoke businesses are able to provide ‘decision simplicity’ through both online and in-person experiences. We feature three businesses who are thriving based on providing what today’s consumer is drawn to.

Pistols at Dawn
Founded in 2006 by Andrew Byrne and Louis Ialenti, Pistols at Dawn create handmade ready-to-wear pieces for the discerning gentleman. Client Sam Smith, five-eighth for the Reds sums it up well, “I love being able to stop by their Fortitude Valley shop and pick up a new pair of made-to-measure jeans and a shirt off the shelf, without having to trawl around the CBD in search of stylish gear that fits”.

Style Estate Agents
With the launch of Style’s new website this year, principal Mark Lowrey’s vision was for a site that speaks to consumers with not only with minimalism, ease and beauty, but also with innovative features to supply customers with detailed information on demand (e.g. contracts, disclosure statements, pool certificates, buyer reports). Lush, magazine-style photography and easy navigation are key features with succinct and lively writing to enhance the ‘decision simplicity’ of the site. Vendors Vernon and Dominique Hopkins who recently sold their Cutters Landing apartment through Style were also impressed by the hands-on styling and decluttering service which wasn’t offered by their previous agent.

Bellissimo Coffee
It’s all about the experience at Bellissimo, Australia’s highest awarded coffee roaster 2010-2013. Pass their roastery on Wandoo St any time of the day and you’ll see a small crowd of devotees on the footpath outside sipping on their lattes and cappuccinos in a lively atmosphere reminiscent of Friday nights at the pub. Long term customer and local resident, Vanessa Jones, drops by every morning for her skinny cap because, “No matter which barista is on, my coffee’s consistently perfect.” The company owners are obviously passionate coffee-lovers themselves, head a team of like-minded individuals who love to create the perfect cup.

Mark Lowrey

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